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GOZNEY DOME Pizza Oven Unboxing & First Pizzas

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is hands down one of the most stylish looking home dual fuel pizza oven I have ever tried! And guess what? It makes an amazing restaurant quality Neapolitan style pizza in just 60 seconds! I am beyond stoked to have the chance to test it and I can’t wait for the weather to get better and bake and cook more awesome things!

I baked a couple of pizzas with gas and the next day some wood fired, and I am super happy with both results. Amazing consistency and it heats up really fast. I was ready to cook within 30-40 minutes and it was really cold and windy that day.

This is probably the next generation pizza oven.

About the Dome.

Built to the exact ratios of a traditional Neapolitan oven, you can cook authentic Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds with temperatures of 500°C/950°F. But that’s not all. Soon you’ll be able to roast, smoke, steam or bake with their range of pioneering accessories. There are limitless possibilities to explore with the Gozney Dome.

It’s just perfect for everyone.

From home cooks to pro chefs, the whole family can make, create, build, invent, provide, connect, discover, share and grow with the Gozney Dome.

It takes backyard cooking to the next level.

It's the must-have accessory for your backyard. Invite your friends and family over, and get ready to enjoy epic live-fire cooking.

My favourite key features:

  • An Amazing consistent Rolling flame which provides authentic top-down cooking and invests heat into the oven floor.

  • Unbeatable heat retention - built to the exact ratios of a traditional Neapolitan pizza oven, double-layer stone floor, more insulation proportionate to its size than any other outdoor oven on the market.

  • Built-in digital thermometer - Provides precise temperature readings and the oven can reach temps of 500°C/950°F.

  • Stone puck system - Allows users to switch between the gas and wood burner systems with ease.

  • Quick connect accessory port - Roast, smoke, steam or bake with accessories (launching soon).

  • Extra wide mouth - 16.1” x 5.1” mouth and 22” x 18” oven floor. Perfect for 16" pizzas or 2 small pizzas.

  • ModernDome design - by combining a specific dome shape, air in and out ratios as well as insulation, dense stone and a rolling flame, a Gozney is the peak of live-fire cooking.


I set up everything ready to cook with gas. After turning the gas on, I cured my oven for about 30 minutes on a low flame. After that, I cranked it up to full flame and left it like that for another 10-20 minutes. When temperature reached around 460°C on the reader I launched my pizza. After around 30 second I did the first rotation, then some more, and my pizza was perfectly cooked in just 60”. No bottom burnt edges, no undercooked toppings… it was just perfect! The heat in the over is on point.


I was waiting for so long to finally make some wood fire on my balcony. This takes a bit more work but its super fun and totally worth it!!! When firing the oven, cover the burner with the stone puck and put the mesh puck over the ash tray hole. First you need to start the fire in the middle and once the fire is stable in the centre of the oven, push it to the left side and feed it for around 30 minutes or until the oven is fully saturated. Then move the fire to the right and continuously add wood to the fire to keep a rolling flame across the top of the oven.

  1. When oven temperature is around 440-500°C, launch your pizza, but be careful because it’s really hot close to the fire!

  2. Rotate your pizza, lift it to get an extra hot punch over the ingredients and you’re done in 60”! So much fun!

I love cooking and baking with wood, it feels much more connected with nature and love that woody smoky smell in the air while I’m cooking...

Overall, this oven is a beast. If you’re interested, check Gozney’s website. It’s official, back in stock from 1st March.

Thanks for reading and watching guys, if you have any questions DM me via instagram or just drop your comments below.

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