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As a passionate sourdough pizza maker and baker with years of experience, I'm excited to offer you personalized guidance and advice to help you perfect your sourdough pizza and baking skills. 

I provide expert advice on all aspects of pizza-making, from dough preparation and sauce selection to oven temperature and cooking times. My goal is to help chefs, and restaurant owners create the sourdough perfect pizza, every time.


During our consultation, we will discuss topics such as:

  • Sourdough starter creation and maintenance

  • Dough preparation and proofing

  • Choosing the right ingredients and equipment

  • Baking techniques and troubleshooting

  • Flavour variations and recipe customization


Here are the details of my one 1:1 consultation:

  1. One-hour and thirty minutes virtual consultation via google-meets.

  2. During our consultation, we will dive deep into your sourdough pizza and baking questions and concerns. I'll provide personalized tips and tricks based on your current level of expertise and help you troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing.

  3. Customized recipe and notes.

  4. After our consultation, I will send you a personalized recipe and notes based on our discussion, so you can continue to improve your sourdough pizza and baking skills long after our session.

  5. Follow-up email support.

  6. If you have any questions or concerns after our consultation, I will be happy to provide follow-up email support for up to two weeks.


If you're interested in moving forward, please let me know a few dates and times that work for you, and we'll schedule our consultation. I'm excited to help you on your sourdough-baking journey!


At my sourdough pizza on-site consultancy, I provide a comprehensive range of services to help you create the perfect pizza experience for your customers.


On-site sourdough pizza and baking services include:


  • Sourdough starter creation and maintenance - I will guide you through the process of creating and maintaining a sourdough starter, which is the foundation of a great sourdough pizza.

  • Dough preparation and proofing - I provide expert advice on dough preparation and proofing, including the ideal hydration level and fermentation time to achieve the perfect texture and flavour.

  • Choosing the right ingredients and equipment - I will help you select the best ingredients and equipment for your pizza-making needs, from the type of flour to the pizza oven, peels, and accessories.

  • Baking techniques and troubleshooting - My consultants can help you troubleshoot common issues that arise during the baking process, such as uneven cooking, dough tearing, and under/over fermentation.

  • Flavour variations and recipe customization - I will help you create unique and delicious pizza flavours, tailored to your and your customer's preferences.

  • Sourdough recipe development - I specialize in developing sourdough pizza recipes that are both delicious and easy to make.

  • Menu development - I can help you develop a pizza menu that appeals to your customer's tastes and preferences.

  • Providing ingredients supplier list - I will provide you with a list of trusted suppliers for all of your pizza-making ingredients at the best price possible.

  • Pizza & Craft Beer pairing suggestion - I will help you pair your pizzas with the perfect beer to enhance the overall dining experience.

  • Up to 30 days of on-site staff training - I provide hands-on training for your staff, covering everything from starter preparation and dough preparation to shaping techniques and oven management.

  • Project launch consultation - I will help you with strategic guidance and management support to help you launch your pizza business successfully.

  • Rene's Pizza Certificate of Attendance - I offer a certificate of attendance to recognize your staff's completion of our training program.

  • Social media consultancy - I will provide guidance on social media marketing and help you develop a strong online presence for your pizza business.

  • Help with the design and marketing - We can help you design and market your pizza business, including website design, social media management, and menu design.

  • 5x30s video commercial - We will create professional videos that showcase your venue and your pizza business to attract new customers.

  • 50 professional photos of your business and dishes on the menu - Professional photography services to help you showcase your pizzas and your business in the best possible light.


Overall, my goal is to help you create the best possible pizza experience for your customers, from the dough preparation to the final presentation. CONTACT ME today to learn more about my on-site consultancy services and how I can help take your pizza business to the next level!



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