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My NO-Knead Sourdough Bread

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Thanks for all the questions about my sourdough bread... Ok, ok I’ll share one of my recipe😋😉





What you will need?

Mother starter (4-8 hrs before the final mix):

50g starter/leaven

100g white organic flour

100g water

Final dough mix:

Final dough mix:

200-300g starter

500g Lukewarm water

850g Good quality, high in protein white bread flour

18-20g Salt


Wet your hands and stretch and fold until the dough tightens. It should feel loose but strong and not sticky. For scoring you can either use a razor or a sharp kitchen knife for this process. Make confident, quick strokes with the blade with a 45º degree angle.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Dissolve the leaven in the water (no autolyse) add flour then mix, add salt and mix all the ingredients together. Cover the dough and bulk ferment the dough for around 3-4 hrs depends on the room temperature and aim to stretch and fold the dough 4 times every 45-60 mins. When bulk fermentation is complete, divide the dough into 2 loafs and pre-shape. Leave it uncovered on the bench for 20-30 mins and after that do the final shape and put the dough in lightly floured basket (I prefer rice flour for that) cover the basket with shower cap and leave it outside for 1hr or put your loafs straight into the fridge.

  2. Then refrigerate over night up to 6-20hrs (if u used 200g of starter).

  3. And now the easiest part!! Put your dutch oven or pizza steel into the oven, preheat it for 50 minutes and then score the bread, bake it covered (or with the steam) for 25 mins, uncover (or remove the steam) and bake another 10 mins or until you like the colour! More dark, more flavours!❤️

That’s it guys if you have any questions just drop your comments below!👊


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