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Sourdough Artisan Neapolitan Style Pizza

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Here is my sourdough pizza recipe. I hope you will like it. Don't forget to share your creation and tag me on social media.

If you want to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza, the way to do it is to use a 00,0 Farina flour high in gluten (60-65% hydration) and a very high-temperature oven. I would recommend the Gozney pizza oven


Levain (6-8 hrs before the final mix):

  • 15g mother starter

  • 45g organic flour

  • 45g luke warm water

Final Dough:

  • 500g 00 Flour or BREAD FLOUR (12-13% protein)

  • 315g warm water (63% hydration + 3% Hydration from the starter = 66%)

  • 12-15g salt (2-3%)

  • 83g Levain (Up to 100g)

Here is how to do it:

Dissolve the leaven (83g) in the water (305g) and then slowly add and mix flour (500g) in. After there is no flour left and all is combined add salt mixed with water (10g) and knead for a couple of minutes.

Transfer the mixture to the counter and knead it till you get a silky and elastic dough, till the window pane stage (10 minutes).

Cover the dough and bulk ferment it for 3-4 hrs (depending on your RT) at room temperature (RT). After the first 45mins in bulk fermentation do a Stretch & Fold and leave it to rest for around 3 hours adding 3 more Stretches and Folds every 45 minutes.

When bulk fermentation is complete, divide your dough into 4 pieces and shape each of them into nice smooth balls (you should get 3x 260g, and one small pizza). Then, transfer the dough balls into a plastic container and put them in the fridge for 24 hours.

After that, when cold fermentation (CT) is over, take them out and leave them covered at room temperature (RT) for 4-8 hours.

Lastly, stretch your pizza, add toppings and bake it for 90 seconds (rotating every 20-30s) at 420+°C!

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james kannry
james kannry
04 de mai. de 2023

Great recipe. Why not do the initial refrigeration in bulk and then divide into balls afterwards? Advantages? Disadvantages?


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