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Ardore Pizza Party Oven Review.

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Many of you guys asked me which oven made in Italy I was using for my pizza pop-ups.

So I decided to honestly answer here. You all know that I loved oonihq and I have been using the brand since I started using pizza ovens for domestic use.…

Then, when I started with my pop-up pizza project, I tried their Koda 16 oven, but I didn’t quite get the results which I wanted while I was making lots of pizzas in a row.

Don’t get me wrong, Koda 16 is a great oven for domestic use but honestly I prefer Karu 12 or 16 (Karu 16 is very affordable, still pretty small and it heats up in just 15 minutes!).

For this reason, I decided to go with PIZZA PARTY OVENS pizza party Ardore, made by an Italian company based in Florence. I was super happy with the results, nailing pizzas every time, incredible consistency especially when you need to bake lots of pizzas in a short time.

Honestly, I think for cooking high volumes in a short time that’s the perfect oven for me.

These are some of the key features that I really like about this gas fired oven.

  • The size and lightness of the Ardore is fantastic, it only weights 20kg and it has a very large floor (40x40cm).

  • The cooking stone is made of a 3cm (1.2") thick refractory material that allows excellent versatility of use and a balanced thermal mass.

  • The powerful 6kw gas burner allows you to quickly reach 500+°C (it only takes around 10-15 minutes)

  • There is no door & the dome inside is huge, so you’ll have full control on your baking.

  • Temperature in the oven is so even that you don’t need to make a first full 180° turn to get a nice even puffy rim (Cornicione). I just simply do 4x 90° turns every 20-25s and the results are amazing.

  • After 90 seconds your pizza is perfectly baked! No burnt edges, no undercooked crust & toppings. With whatever hydration and flour. Consistency with this oven is just amazing. It definitely feels like a restaurant oven but in a small size.

That’s it guys, if you have more questions just let me know. You can find the link to the oven with more details here. If you would like to get a free pizza peel with your order esenzafree and for an extra 10% OFF use code renepizza10

Lots of love,


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